If the C.A.P. fits, keep doing it…

How do you know if you are making the right decision to continue something? You know whether it is worth the effort to continue pursuing it?

This may be the time we start to review how things have gone in the past year or season and think about the future.

There are a few ways you can evaluate this.

Recently I developed an acronym I have called C.A.P. as in – if the cap fits, keep doing it.

It’s a very simple acronym you can use to evaluate where you are with an endeavour and whether you should continue with it.

It’s easy to use, C.A.P. stands for

C Competitive – are you competitive with yourself, in your position, with others, can you get on the podium, in your industry, business, or region

A Ability – can you put in the time, effort, work and technical requirements, do you have mind-set, creativity and physical ability

P Passion – do still have a desire to do what you do, are you still in love and wake up every day excited by this

If you have all of these key ingredients and more, the signs are you are good to keep going. If they are missing though you may want to seriously reconsider.

So remember if the C.A.P. fits, you will be;

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