The Power of Pain…

What if I said ‘you’re not enough pain right now!’

Sometimes as adults it isn’t until we are fed up with the status quo or in excruciating pain with a situation that we decide to change.

You see when it comes to motivation whilst kids are motivated by pleasure and will do anything for an ice lolly, as we get older we become conditioned to doing things to avoid pain.

For a lot of people they put off doing things and the reason is they are not in enough pain.

So the trick is to feel the future pain and make it real today, so that you are motivated to take action now as you don’t want to find yourself in that painful situation.

You do this by looking back at your goals and ask yourself the question what will it cost me if I don’t achieve this?

Think of the worst possible outcomes. Then ask the follow up questions. What would that mean or do for me? When you have 10-20 things written down spend some time feeling and visualising what that life would be like.

Then flip the script and and ask yourself how would I benefit by achieving my goal? And follow up with what would it mean or do for me? Again 20 things written down and visualise, feel that success.

Now go do that thing! This is actually STEP 2 in my GREAT life plan.

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Make it a great one…

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