Create a different outcome for yourself based on the meaning you give things.

Listen, the reason people feel they are unsuccessful is because they have created MEANING from a situation that doesn’t ultimately serve them. 

I run empowerment activities like board and brick breaking with your bare hands amongst others.

I often get asked by event planners or managers what if someone doesn’t succeed at the activity? Of course they are concerned about how that person would feel if they are the only person who doesn’t achieve the activity!

Well as you know there are few guarantees in life and whilst we all do our best to get the best out of any given situation sometimes our expectations just aren’t met or our performance just isn’t where it needs to be.

You know stuff happens in life, it could be that, we don’t achieve our goals on plan or a curve ball crops up or something more significant happens that you wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Look its possible the same event could happen to two separate people. Lets say they are out riding their bike training for a big race and they are on the verge of being a sponsored athlete. Suddenly their career is wiped out by a horrendous car crash in which they are blameless and after months on end in hospital and several medical procedures they are confirmed as being paralysed from the waist down.

You can only imagine what this would be like, for one of the athletes this means their life is over, they are depressed, they have no identity, their friends and family cant do anything for them. And gradually they start to find meaning in drugs and alcohol and a negative cycle ensues…. You’ve probably heard stories like this.

Naturally, for the other athlete this is also upsetting, but this MEANS something else to them. After they realise they cannot resume their career as an athlete in the same way. They channel their energies into improving road safety and coaching and improving opportunities for better rehabilitation for athletes involved in traffic accidents. They created a different meaning for themselves out of the same event.

So two athletes, same event, totally different outcomes based on the meaning they created from the event.

So if things aren’t going to plan for you, what does this mean? What do you need to learn, or interpret, prepare or do differently? What meaning can you create that would best serve you? Remember if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.

So be careful what you think and what you say, because you are always listening or rather self programming.

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Make it a great one…